Bikes, Blues, BBQ & Bullets

Winslow Gun Show, Winslow Gun & Knife Show, Winslow Arkansas Gun Show, Winslow Gun Show
Sept. 28-29, 2018 Winslow, AR Bike, Blues, BBQ & Bullets Bikes, Blues, BBQ & Bullets
at Winslow Community Center
396 E. Van Buren Ave. - Winslow, AR 72959

Hours: Fri. 9am - 5pm, Sat. 9am - 5pm
Admission: $5
Winslow Gun Show, Winslow Gun & Knife Show, Winslow Arkansas Gun Show, Winslow Gun Show
The Bikes, Blues, BBQ & Bullets will be held on Sep 28th-29th, 2018 from 9am-5pm at 396 E. Van Buren Ave, Winslow, AR 72959. This Winslow gun show will be held at Winslow Community Center and hosted by Mountain Top Gun Shop & Winslow Community Center Association. All federal, state and local firearm ordinances and laws must be obeyed.

Our event location, on Scenic Highway 71 will be held during the annual Bikes, Blues and BBQ, the world's largest charity motorcycle rally and the country's second largest motorcycle rally. Highway 71 is a part of the highest part of the Ozark Mountains and combines to make the Boston Mountains Scenic Loop one of The Natural State's most interesting driving tours and most scenic motorcycle rides. This prime location in the Boston Mountains is sure to attract a large number of rally attendees to this first annual gun, knife & vendor event.

Admission: $5.00 / Vendor Table $25.00/ea

Contact Tanya Farris, Secretary, Winslow Community Center Association - 479-595-6528
Bill Barnett, Owner, Mountain Top Gun Shop, Winslow, Arkansas

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